REAPS ME Series (for Marui AEG Compatible) has release

We has release ME(Marui Electric) series REAPS for Marui compatible AEG (WE,CA,G&P,VFC,ICS,G&G,JG….)

The ME series will be available in three model.

  1. ME1 (60) soft, Recommend for under M130 with 0.28~0.3g BBs
  2. ME2 (70) Mid, Recommend for M130 with 0.3g BBs
  3. ME3 (80) hard, Recommend for M130+ with 0.36g+ BBs



REAPS Model Chart


We are coming new item number systam to help you guys to find the right REPAS model to fit your Airsoft guns. Please check the table below.

REAPS Item Number Chart

Type / 款式

Hardness / 硬度


Marui / WE / KJ Gas Pistol

Marui VSR10

WE GBB Series


Standard. GAS Pistol. For 0.28-0.3g BBs


VSR10 / WE GBB with 0.3G


Marui compatible AEG. (VFC,CA,G&P,KA,JG,G&G,KWA…..)


Under M130. Recommend for 0.28-0.30g BBs


Recommend M130 with 0.3g


M130 with 0.36g


KSC / KWA Gas Pistol


Standard. For 0.28+ BBs


KSC / KWA Gas Sub-Machine Gun


Standard. For 0.28+ BBs


KSC / KWA Gas Rifle


Standard. For 0.28+ BBs


REAPS Test with WE G18C

[YouTube] REAPS test with WE G18C

Range Extended Adjustable Project System / 增程可調投射系統

Special Design to Extended your Airsoft Guns shooting range.

Please check here for more info.

Worldwide Patent Pending


We will be have eight different type of REAPS for you need.

  • MG1     REAPS for Marui / WE / KJ Gas Pistol                 Available Now
  • MG2     REAPS for Marui VSR10 / WE GBB Series         Available Now
  • ME1     REAPS for Marui compatible AEG                   Available Soon
  • ME2     REAPS for Marui compatible AEG                   Available Soon
  • ME3     REAPS for Marui compatible AEG                   Available Soon
  • KGP     REAPS for KSC / KWA Gas Pistol                Under Development
  • KGS     REAPS for KSC / KWA Sub-Machine Gun    Under Development
  • KGR     REAPS for KSC / KWA Gas Rifle                  Under Development

Don’t know which REPAS fit your airsoft gun?

Please check Reaps model chat


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